MBA – Master of Business Administration – Full Time

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Course Description

MBA Master of Business Administration

An MBA, Master of Business Administration is widely seen as a passport to a successful career. It demonstrates the breadth and depth of your functional competence, strategic knowledge, and problem-solving ability. It will also update your management toolkit and give you a broader stronger profile to enhance your career. Critically, we take a strategic perspective on business and management that helps you develop the skills to contribute to the major business decisions organizations have to make about their future. This MBA is not just an academic course. By exploring and examining real-life business problems to work on and solve, you enhance your own understanding of how a business works.


The program has two phases, the first phase is the Othm Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership which is delivered by London College of Professional Studies and awarded by OTHM, an Ofqual regulated awarding body.
The second part is the MBA delivered by London Graduate School.

  • Exercise judgment, own and take responsibility for decisions and actions; and
  • Develop the ability to recognize and reflect on personal learning and improve their personal, social and other transferable skills


The MBA duration is 12 months.

Course delivery

To apply for this course, you need to possess the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (120 credits) qualification, you must also have a minimum of 2 years work experience at graduate level, in either a managerial or professional capacity which may include voluntary work, placements, internships, project management etc.

Module Structure

Qualification Structure The MBA is of 180 credits which can be acquired through two stages . Stage 1 OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and LeadershipLearners must complete all unit in Level 7 achieve 120 credits to get the admission in MBA Top-up programme.

Unit Ref. No. Mandatory Units Credit GLH TQT
T/616/2723 Professional Development and Communication Skills 10 50 100
A/616/2724 Strategic Management 15 75 150
F/616/2725 Strategic Human Resource Management 15 75 150
J/616/2726 Advanced Business Research Methods 20 100 200
Optional Units: Choose any FOUR
Y/616/2729 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 15 75 150
R/616/2731 Strategic Change Management 15 75 150
Y/616/2732 Strategic Marketing 15 75 150
D/616/2733 Global Marketing Strategy 15 75 150

Stage 2 MBA ( Master Business Administration) (Top up )

This stage consists of 60 credits and can be acquired through the Consultancy     Project Report


      Units Credit
  Consultancy Project Report 60



The skills acquired and gained during Master Business Administration actually add a new perspective and give a new direction to your thoughts and ideas. It makes you more pragmatic and rational in decision making towards any problem or challenge. It also makes you understand the integration of various functions of the organization which always give you an advantage over others in the real-time work situations. People also experience stagnation in their career because they lag professional qualification (MBA). MBA has become a benchmark for professionals because of the value it adds to them. An MBA degree can pave the way towards success in jobs. Earning an MBA degree not only gives you an array of knowledge and skills but also opens up new horizons for success and career progression. 


Assessment is via assignment submission No Exams


The MBA delivered by London Graduate School.


If you have any question and want to know the fees please email us at [email protected]


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